I decide every moment that passes that your of great value and after paying attention to the audio i requested, am definitely planning to be mindful for the rest of the weeks. Sometimes am tongue-tied but today instead of sending you an audio like you asked I decided to do better. Am told when you know better do better.

Am astonished at the way you speak to my heart, body and mind. My heart is always welcoming your warmth, my body is always tickled by your affection and my mind is always blown away by our conversations and the three are always inquisitive for you and waiting to be fed. Your like a gift sent by the universe.

I always imagined someone like you but that happens to be in my dreams. Every romantic or non romantic thing that comes out of your mouth has ever been thought of by my crazy mind.

I don’t know what this feeling is truly but it’s a beautiful one. I don’t know if its love or infatuation. Those two maybe overrated but all I know whatever feeling I’ve experienced for the past weeks whether it blooms friendship or love am enjoying every sip am taking, it’s like that morning coffee i crave to start my day. Your a soul I spotted from far and with the humbleness and silence I wanted to get to know every bit of you and at the same time I didn’t because I never wanted to kill the mystery of it all and I was scared of it’s potential.

The side smile that tries to birth a dimple from a distance smelts my heart. Am amazed at the enthusiasm you portray when speaking about your passions and life journey.

“I have seen the new moon, but not you. I have seen sunsets and sunrises, but nothing of your beautiful face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small that they can be passed through the eye of a needle. I miss you like the sun misses the flower; like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter.” Every time am away from you.

You may have your flaws but your pure at heart when in love. The vulnerability is the cutest of them all. The clinginess is like for my 5 year old nephew when he sees his mother each time. You’re like a love song I play non- stop on a road trip as I smell the air and watch trees pass by.

You have a confidence in your voice that you can easily get whatever you crave from this world and I think you should use this too, It will take you places. The determination you have when working, the softness you portray when you care about someone, the candidness when being a true friend. The grip you have when holding someone not to let them go. The persistent you portray when you badly want your point to be taken seriously. The zeal of being a better person and working towards becoming a successful man. The adventurous side when talking about exploring the world. The laughter when happy. The open mindedness when someone unveils their minds to you. The augments you pick up because you want to listen to someone’s point of you is so fascinating. You have a beautiful brain, I would love to live in it for a while and explore parts I’ve never been before. I could literally have a conversation with it forever.

You’ve taught me to love without hesitation and fear. I’ve learnt that being vulnerable around someone you love is okay too. You constantly remind me how great I am as a person. You’ve taught me that nobody is perfect, nobody is correct all the time and in the end affection is greater than perfection.

Your precious.

Till tomorrow.


This is a piece to a friend Where do I start from I have no idea.

Do I call you a friend? Friendship is overrated. That’s a disclaimer by the way. Do you pass for a colleague? Let’s go with friend, It’s been 11 months and procrastination has taken the best of me. I’ve been searching for topics to write to you about, there so many but which ones will feel right, work? Family? Growth? Love? Friends? Spiritual growth? Counselling? Mentorship? Books? not to mention but a few, I don’t want to over step.

Let me start with telling you about the my few times I’ve seen you around the premises . The first time I glanced at you was at head office you were walking hastily as usual, you looked different from the usual crowd so I asked the nearest person next to me who you were and hmmmm!!! I was enlightened. And to be honest I was impressed too. (This is the point a describe you vividly but this will be for another day). I keep seeing you around with the marketing team which by general knowledge I know what the team does but in Bank of Africa I’ve never asked exactly what you guys do.

I barely know you but I had a feeling you grew up in jinja (I may be mistaken I don’t know) just took a lucky guess and hey!!!! haha there so many Coloureds there. (I hope your not offended) at least you have a hair texture I would love to have. But anyways that’s not important. You have a gorgeous family which is wonderful, good job, I don’t know what your into or what inspires you, or what you would love to have done if your not in the bank. Or what your beliefs are?

I have so many questions for you when am next to you and when your not around it disappears into think air that’s the only reason why I’ve taken long to write this. But I would love to know parts of you that you allow your friends to see.

The only thing I can say I’ve noticed about you is you love spending time with your family. You love football too. I don’t want to assume about other hobbies. I would love to know your story. What makes you tick? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you do for fun? Best meal? Do you love Tv? Do you drink beer? Silly questions humans ask.

Isn’t it fascinating to write to a random person? There so many gaps to fill. It’s some sort of intimate situation you can comprehend. Your trying to study them or read their mind and am coming up with nothing. Every time I read a book every page I fold I imagine the author reading to me or talking to me about the book.Sometimes I believe I can give a true story without doing a lot of interactions. It’s fascinating what you find out.

Let me conclude by telling you a few things about me. I love writing obviously even if it’s rubbish, I love scrambling in my notes, this is therapeutic. Unclear or confusing writing is an accessibility to all readers. Love Reading. Love love mediations and manifestations. Love work, anything that puts money on my table to live a good life I take it. Love travelling, I do this alone most times. Love smiling. Am very inquisitive. Am Sapiosexual. Love listening to podcasts. Love solitude. Love nature.

Huh!!!!! What else can a girl add to this piece. I hope you enjoy this silly piece. There’s nothing more I can add unless you have questions.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Nakubulwa.

Until tomorrow.

Thus far I’ve come.

Time flies so fast, I had planned to write this for the longest time because it’s my birth month and I wanted to write a piece about something exciting but I was over whelmed with work and curfew plus laziness. Am reading a book called the untethered soul -the journey beyond yourself by Michael A. Singer very very perfect for my Cancer month.

The noise in my head I’ve always had but I didn’t know what to do with all these noises. Do I do whatever “she” tells me? Does “she “talk to much? This noise is finally going to worked on.

This book has really helped me with “my best friend” or the voice as I call it. This beautiful book explains well how when you are feeling any anxiety, bad energy, jealousy, regret and other emotions. All you need to do is take a step back and recognize the emotion and deal with it and please know that this feeling is not you, don’t push it away just receive it and watch it and let it go.

Furthermore as I kept scrolling down I realized FEAR is the cause of all our problems. We give fear power to control us and without fear we would be living a happy life. Ever since I started reading this book I have become aware of my emotions and who is me and who is not, I see my emotions getting melodramatic as Michael states but all you do is let go. And this book came in a time whereby I had made “interesting” decisions and instead of being defensive, embarrassed or mad at myself I let go of everything to live a happy life.

Aside the book I wanted to write down 26 things I have learnt in my 26 years on this planet before I move to another chapter. Before the pandemic, I had decided to give the world a break, start slowly, look into me, build myself slowly and grow as a person without my old habits and see how high I can go. I don’t know what inspired me but I have been grateful for the lockdown period first of all because it has given me time to myself even when am doing nothing I have learnt to enjoy my solitude and am reading more and writing. So the following have been my life lessons for the best 26 years;

1. I am priority. When we are growing up other people are always our priority that can be friends, family, partner, work and so much. Exposure and awareness are important I learnt how to put myself first, love myself, make myself better first, be there for myself first, grow myself first, all the firsts must be about me. Work to earn for myself .Am queen. Am valuable.Am worthy of everything I desire. When you put yourself first everything slows down and smoothen. Work on yourself for you.

2. Always say less than necessary. Some people say silence is gold. Sometimes I blabber out some information am not supposed to and I actually don’t mean it but because of anger may be, they slip out. I had to learn this from books and listening to podcasts. 48 laws of power states “ power cannot accrue to those squander their treasure of words. Power is in many ways a game of appearances, and when you say less than necessary, you inevitably appear greater and more power than you are.

The momentary satisfaction you gain with your biting words will be outweighed by the price you pay.

Lesson: once the words are out, you cannot take them back. Keep them under control.

3. You don’t have to react at every emotion in your body. The untethering soul by Michael A. Singer. 48 laws of power. Negatives emotions took the best of me. Reacting became my middle name for some time but like I said growth is amazing. You don’t have to react to everything the world throws at you.

4. You need to learn to be alone.Here comes dependancy. Ha ha ha. For so long I’ve been dependent on people’s company and I didn’t know how refreshing it was to be by myself. The funny thing about being alone is your left to deal with your emotions and fears which was a challenge at the start. I needed friends to help me throughout this but now I can do it by myself.

I enjoy solitude. I have a lot to do with my dear, the peace and quiet, the privacy, everything is just amazing.

5. If salary is my only source of income, am a one step away from poverty. My sister always says for someone to have income stability they should have 7 sources of income. (Thank you Maryann). Even up-to date I have one source of income that’s my salary and as a grown woman am doomed but am working on something to grow my sources. The current pandemic has showed us too how dangerous that is. Am going to invest more to increase my numbers.

6. Friends and family don’t have to stay in my life if they’re toxic. I have usually entertained friends and family members even when they are directing you in a wrong path or when they keep putting you down because they “think” they are better than you. Or they keep under mining your decisions day in day out. They manipulate you on a daily basis. Wow!!!! Family is blood. We all need friends. Bullshit. You don’t have to entertain anyone despite what position they hold in your life as long as they treat you badly. Period.

7.Am never limiting my circle, there so many people to meet out there. I was so protective of my circle, who my friends are and I was never welcoming to new comers to join in. “It’s us” but growing up will teach you that you need to broaden your circle in order to learn more, learn new things. Having the same circle doesn’t grow us. The conversations are the same, the routine is the same, the jokes are the same, the food you order for when you go out it’s the same.

In my mentorship program our second session I listened to Nancy Koehn a professor at Harvard business school she talked about growing our village. Grow your village and put in people who are going to help you during times of doubts. These moments are coming and you don’t have to give up.

Meeting new people changes everything the conversations are so different, I like asking people questions when I meet them, am inspired and I learn something or two from their talk, people actually have different jokes and see like differently from the same people I hang out with.

One evening my friend Martha took me for her sister’s bridal shower but then she had warned me that this was different it was full of older ladies and guess what I’ve never attended a bridal shower in my life but this was exceptional. It was so sooth it’s like the universe was calling me to meet these women. They had the best advice about marriage one can take they had stories I would kill to listen to if given another chance. I drove home with so much joy in my heart that I had even a chance to sit around these women. Broaden your circle, doesn’t matter the age just broaden there’s a lot to learn, see and listen to.

8. I give a lot of credit and trust in myself. I knew I had potential in myself but I was a little too hard on myself with fear of failure, thinking I wasn’t enough, taking time to get to a certain level but hey am better than that. I’ve done so much for myself to become better. I need a little credit. It’s not easy waking up and making certain decisions.

9. I am a result of my decision making. We justify our actions and defend our decisions but we are where we are because of the decisions we made. I am where i am because of every decision I’ve made in life. Am grateful for the bad because I’ve learnt better and am grateful for the good because they have all made me who I am today.

10. Reading and writing are therapeutic. I wish I had discovered this sooner but something called procrastination and laziness had the best of me. I admired it yes but never put in action. Until this little break we got and a friend helped me open up and writing side where you’ve read so many pieces of different bloggers and every day your drowned deep into someone’s work or you can’t get enough of the books your reading, am enjoying this journey so much that something it’s all I do am even thinking it might be my calling or something I can make money out of if am to become very serious about it. In Robin Sharm’s one podcast of many he tells us despite how many books you read as long as you don’t put in the work you will get the results. Let me put in that work and get results as I read more books.

11. Avoid unlucky or unhappy people. An interesting source once told me they notice that un lucky is infectious and this is real for me as years passed. When you allow a certain type of energy in your life you stay rubbing off their energy. This may sound like a superstition but am very cautious about who I get near me.

12. Self-care is necessary. During the Uganda blog challenge month of May. I had a Chance to write about my self care routines. Self -care is not a luxury to me, it’s a boaster mentally , physically and emotionally. We need to take care of ourselves because our bodies need us to be fine in order to function.

I usually go for spa, journal, I spend my time alone, I talk to a friend, I have a good meal and many more. These keep my body balanced and fresh.

13. Working is important. I’ve grown up near independent women working to survive. Every woman should make her own money and be independent in my opinion. I don’t know how to depend on another person am used to working for everything I have. I have a certain way I love to live and In order for that to happen I have to work. This is a must on my list. Work smart don’t work hard.

14. Travelling is more than just flights and expensive hotels. My sister taught me this lesson way before I started travelling. A lot goes wrong but people never disclose this. Hahaha This was funny until a lot happened to me. Getting lost in a country because their culture is different. I need to embrace and learn new cultures in order to blend in. Actually new cultures are interesting. How do Kenyans do their stuff? I would love to experience that. What are their favourite foods? There’s a lot to learn and I want to learn it all. I would love to go to Jamaica, Paris, Bali and many more to learn cultures.

15. Worrying is a dangerous game. This is literally my middle name but am working on it. Throughout the 26 years, worrying has taken up most of my time. I never live in the moment. Am ever worried about where i am in life, am worried about the world judging me, am worried about my insecurities, my fears, if am going to make it in life. This stuff eats up your life, it takes away your happiness, it takes away your peace of mind. Get rid of worrying Margaret and live in the moment.

16. Live in the moment. I rarely do this but am learning how to. Living in the past or in the future is a thief of joy. The past is gone, the future is a mile away and the NOW is here, why not live it. Moments pass us because we are still leaving in the past or far future. There are people in the now that you can actually enjoy the daily moments with.

17. Don’t believe whatever you read on the internet. These a lot of scammers on the internet, liars, crooks I don’t know the exact name to call these people. Very many people on the internet are fraud stars and they write so many things that ain’t true and then poor us read and follow or buy. Read so many things on the internet but choose only things that work for you.

18. Saying NO is okay. I’ve been a YES person for way to long. It’s not bad but being a yes man is “ass licking” you don’t have to be dragged in other people’s lives. Make sure when you say YES to others you are not saying NO to yourself

19. Being nice costs nothing. I learnt this lesson after sitting in as customer service at my work place. Am a very impatient person and people generally get to me so easily over the years, some were illiterate others slow then one time I imagined my dearest mother being treated with such circumstances because she is old and slow I had to change. Am calmer and nicer to random people because it takes only a minute.

20. Being grateful is important. Gratitude! gratitude! gratitude! Over the 26 years this is the only year I’ve appreciated gratitude with lots of enthusiasm. I used to just brush it off. Lord am grateful for my life, family and friends and that was it. Lately I go deeper and personal in my gratitude, am grateful for even the ability to write this piece, the air I breathe, the ability to learn and much more. Every step of my journey and whatever helps me get there am grateful for it.

21.You’re not missing out on life when your busy getting your life together and working towards your goals and dreams. Oh My Goodness young people always think “omulembe” kubalekawo” Hell No it’s not. Take the time to take care of yourself and become a better person trends are not going anywhere. You will catch up.

22. I over came procrastination. It’s always been in my head. Pushing deadlines, feeling lazy or down and activities are cancelled because am not able to do abc….. Am always on time now.

23. Am not always right. Sensitive topic. Arguing before knowing we were all entitled to our own opinion or we can all have one had become something else. Getting angry because one didn’t side with me on a topic wasn’t right. I got to realise we all have our own opinions and we are entitled to our perceptions. Accept the opinion you don’t have to believe in one.

24. Painful moments pass. I never knew these pass. I was scared moments like this last forever. The pain is too much at the time and it feels like you can take 2 years still stuck in the same place but guess what it doesn’t, moments move either painful or happy they move and you stay okay. No moment lasts forever until you want it to.

25. You’re in control of your energies in your body. Currently am reading a book and Michael tells us you always have two choices in your life either to keep the bad energy in your body and you keep getting excuses and protecting your weak parts of you or you can let go of these emotions and set your body free and stay living a happy life. I choose to let go of my bad energy and set myself free.

26. You are your own competition. Don’t compete with others. In school we are taught to compete to be the best, to compete to survive. If your not the best then your doing nothing. I’ve competed in schools especially with my friends to be the best. We never appreciate when they are better than us because that means we didn’t compete enough. Have you ever thought of how much competition you have within you to do? Your competition is your procrastination, your ego, your unhealthy food you’re consuming, the knowledge you neglect. The negative behaviour your nurturing & creativity. Compete against that.

My 27th birthday started with a surprise breakfast on Friday (26th). Am not used to such morning surprises, my heart just opened and I felt the love flowing within me and around me. Am easier on my self now. I invited more peace in my heart and then saw flowers 💐. The latter are signs of strength, beauty, love, goodbyes, symbolises a new life I can’t exhaust them all but Elizabeth aka Lizzy thanks for making Friday such a bright morning for this soul and it was a start of my celebrations I loved everything. There comes Saturday with so much move Lydia gets me flowers that just broaden and melted my heart and a phone I’ve always wanted for clients. My heart is over joyed, Esther gets me another breakfast, the love I was feeling was literally for a child who has never experienced a heartache. It was so pure and am getting more of this this from now on. An art piece came from Michelle, Tracy and Peggy. Further more I went with Cynthia for a little V.C. Am so thankful for building such bonds.

Later this evening I treated myself by soaking in the tab with salty stones to keep my body relaxed then after I did a facial. I don’t know what can beat this kind of self-care as am saying thank you to myself for the 26 years. Thank you for always choosing you and being on the right path. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has for me.

Adio’s, amigo.


Most days am cooped up in silence and space in my little escape and a few times my friend Martha gets me out.

Most cases am glad she does it because am never going to push myself to go outside.So today was planned to celebrate each other’s birthdays and catch up and I like people who don’t give up on me 🙈. My love language is giving and receiving, I got myself phone covers which is great. I lacked those. I had the same phone cover for a year now. 🤭

Today I smelt Sunday air, I stepped on Sunday soil basically what I mean is I was afraid of the outside but here I was stead in a cozy comfy place filled with green and people trying to have fun and I was part of that. The sun was falling on my face as the wind was doing its part, everything was falling in place in front of my eyes. It was a different and exciting feeling at the same time.

I had a bite peacefully and decided I need to do this take this one step at a time and I will keep enjoying the outside more often.

Until tomorrow Martha 🥰.

Emotional intelligence. Day 15 winterABC2020

This may sound petite or funny or even irrelevant to some of you but emotional intelligence is a major value in our daily lives or community, it can be at your work place or home or even in your friends, most of us lose friends, jobs, opportunities because we lack emotional intelligence. I had to learn it with time and it’s so close to my heart that I would love to teach everyone to have a little bit of it and practice it here and there. Am always impressed with a meet someone with emotional intelligence and often disappointed when I meet people or ease drop on a conversation and I don’t smell it. Am also still learning more about it each day.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manager your own and other people’s emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, over come challenges and defuse conflict.

Emotional intelligence starts with a reflection of your own emotions. How am I feeling today? How am I being affected by my environment? How am I responding to these triggers? These are some of the emotional intelligence practices;

You pause. This is a powerful tool of nature, pausing not only helps us with thinking before we act or react but also helps us retain our power by not giving it away. Pausing helps us refrain from making permanent decisions with a temporary emotion. This theory seems easy to say but hard to put in practice.

You apologise. Most cases when we tell people or ourselves to apologise we assume we are in wrong, no, emotional intelligence is all about valuing your relationship more than your ago. It takes courage to say sorry even when your not in wrong.

You forgive and forget. I had to learn this the hard way. I thought keeping a grudge gave me all the power over someone or drove my point home to the offending party, no. Emotional intelligence is forgiving the offender and forgetting this first of all lightens the soul and prevents you from your emotions hostage because the offender moves on with their lives leaving you trapped in your own movie. You need to let go of this.

You keep your commitments. It’s common for most people to break promises lately. We don’t value what we tell people we would do. Keeping your commitment strengthens your reputation and trust worthiness with people.

You help others. This is good to help, I love helping but I love helping genuinely this draws people to trusting you but please don’t be deceived by emotional manipulators who enjoy taking advantage for their own gains. Strengthen your emotional intelligence when they do come around.

You praise others. All humans crave acknowledgement and appreciation. This doesn’t cost you to give good feedback when you’ve been given a good service, when one does something good for you an appreciation is also not hard or acknowledge one as well.

You demonstrate empathy. Empathising with others, understanding others emotions helps you connect with them instead of judging or labelling them. Empathy doesn’t mean agreeing with someone but seeing another person’s view.

You benefit from Criticism. I’ve been taught at my work place, when a company receives criticism it’s a good thing because the company is seeing where it’s doing bad and it’s time to improve. Apply this to a personal basis. No one loves criticism but hey lets take it in and see how improve on ourselves. How to I do better?

You avoid victim mentality. Most of us play the victim in situations. Always blaming someone for our bad days, always complaining to friends, spending so much time on self pity. Take full responsibility of how you feel and redirect that energy in something productive.

You avoid gossip. Haha I will laugh at myself here. Yes people emotionally intelligent people avoid gossip, this here is a harmful and dangerous game. Gossip can damage another person. People with high EQ seek in uplifting, deeper conversations that are building one and helping one reaching their goals. They avoid destructive and petty conversations.

I will stop here but there are so many things emotionally intelligent people do. And people kindly help you help us be emotionally intelligent it will take you places and it will help you leave a peaceful happier life. Kindly I beg you learn something about emotional intelligence.

Till tomorrow. ✌️

5 proverbs in my Vernacular. Day 11/22 winterABC2020

Day 11 is about wisdom through proverbs in my vernacular.A proverb is a short story in a form of a metaphor with a truth giving us advice. Proverbs were often used by my ancestors to pass on a message to the young ones. I didn’t grow up with these being thrown around but I was lucky to attend a traditional boarding school in Mukono where Luganda was taught and I got to learn some proverbs and later on my earlier sister started using them at home while relating to stories she told once in a while and am able to relate to them now.

Proverbs started making sense In my adulthood, Am a Muganda lady from the central, both parents are Baganda too, I speak Luganda and the following are some of our proverbs and their meanings.

1. “Linda kiggweeyo afumita mukira” direct translation is he who waits longer for the prey always hits the tail. This means when we wait too long to make up our minds when it comes to decision making, the right opportunity can easily pass us and we may never achieve anything. This proverb is not only referring to hunters but to situations in life, any opportunity in life, a job, friendship, time and so much more. Opportunities are there but it’s us to either take them up or wait when it’s too late. Timing is important.

2. “Omukadde taseka nga ta labye omunyonyoogera” direct translation is An old lady doesn’t laugh until she sees who is tickling her. My sister used this recently and explained. When we are younger we laugh with everyone and at anything, the older we get the more guarded we are and we are always careful with whoever we laugh with, we always want to be careful if we know this person so well and it really hit it home.

3. “Bannange bangi nga tonnagwa mu kabi” Direct translation, My friends are many before I get into a bad situation” We have so many friends before we get into trouble or before something bad happens to us. I’ve seen this happen to the best of us, we tend to have many friends in life and one day we are friendless because we’ve been abandon when we needed them the most. Have you ever realised how fast friends run when you get in trouble? You start to question where the numbers disappeared to.

4. “Ensi egula mirambo nga tebasse wuwo” Direct translation is The world is buying dead bodies before killing your own. In life we are good at throwing hurtful comments when one is in loss with out caring that much, this is so easy until we are in a situation of loss.

5. “Kuzaala kulungi, nga gwe wazaala akuwulira.” Direct translation is Having children is great when they listen. My beloved mother would love to sing this all day but the truth is when children are obedient you wish to have many more.

Thanks for always reading. Until tomorrow.

Which brand would I work with and want to represent. Day 10 winterABC2020.

G4G- Girls 4 Girls

Hello everyone am utilising my Saturday to catch up on day 10 I wasn’t quite sure of the brand but today am more than sure. G4G.

Recently I joined a mentorship program online introduced to me by one of my closest friends called Elizabeth aka Lizzy. I’ve always used my big sister as a mentor, she talks to me about life and how to get there, the challenges one faces on the journey and for a change I’ve been craving a mentor and like in the book of the secret by Rhonda Byrne anything you put your mind to,you shall receive it and am glad I attracted this.

I would definitely represent and work for G4G because it’s been a great journey for me so far and I would love to be a mentor one day to help young women in their journey to a difference and to be part of it.

G4G has an aim to arm young women with the courage, Vision and skills needed to take on public leadership. Personally am in a group 4 mentored by Grace and Christine.

And in our first session we talked about what our fears were and how to over come them with trust. How to you build trust? Which person in your life have you had to build trust with? And today as am writing this our second session has been about courageous leadership. I listened to Nancy Koehn a professor at Harvard business school who gave us an insight of courageous leadership and the key concepts were;

1. Find your mission and purpose you care about.

2. Invest in your information gathering years. Not all the information needed is found on the internet. Look for information everywhere you can.

3. Grow your village (seek out people in your community that you can learn and can support you). Further on this topic she talked about choosing people who elevate us in life and not those that tear us down.

4. Keep your eyes open for the bigger picture.

Another highlight I took from this was always surround yourself with people who are going to encourage and push you during times of doubt because these are coming and you don’t give up.

Am so grateful for all the mentors in this organisation who are helping us ladies to become better persons and also lift each other up.

We humans go through a lot by ourselves and we usually have trust issues to either admit to ourselves or our close friends or family, all we need is a listening ear and a hand to lift us up towards the goal or path. Am so so thankful personally to this program and one day am sure I will be a great mentor to some young girls out there.

Let’s keep lifting each other and ladies don’t be scare to ask for help.

Until next time.

4 social media accounts I follow and what I like about them. Day 9 winterABC2020.

Hello everyone out there. Hope everyone is still keeping safe. Am doing amazing myself, more than amazing actually. Ha ha anyways today is day 9 and am happy to share.Am not so much into social media lately but I put a little effort in specific parts where I feel peace, contentment and with that the following are the social media accounts I follow;

1. Afrobloggers from twitter of course.

This platform has introduced me to so many bloggers and each day am reading and learning a lot from each and everyone of you. I like every’s style of writing and am grateful. And am looking forward to meeting some of you in person. Yay.

2. School of Affluence by Anna Bey on YouTube.

A former friend of mine introduced me to Anna’s page. I wanted to know more about modern etiquette, how to be an elegant lady, how to look classy, things you should never ask people things like that. Am still learning and I’ve learnt a lot from her. But anything about elegance and classy she is your go to lady.

3. On Pinterest I follow all travelling pages.

I love love travelling, even if it’s locally, I love seeing new places. I admire and wish to travel to these one day in this life time. Pinterest has the perfect travel sceneries by looking at them your blown. I started having my travel fantasies, places to visit are so many to finish.

4. The daily show

Trevor Noah, yes yes yes. Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve seen cracking some good jokes.His unique, insightful takes on current events and ability to sell out international comedy shows is lauded.

Until tomorrow.

5 bloggers in my country.

Day 7

I’ve interacted with a hand few of bloggers on twitter. I enjoy reading the comments below, I try my level best to engage, my first blogger will be;

1. Becky Wasen, she introduced me to this world. I knew what I wanted but she lead me there slowly by slowly. Sent me the uganda blog challenge which I participated in gracefully and here I am in the winter2020 and went on with it. Amazing.

2. Benjamin Musanjufu kavubu would be my second blogger. I don’t know much about him but all I can say is I get a notification about his pieces first and am always diving in and he has left a comment or two below mine.

3. Anita Natuha.

4. Racheal Kizza.

5. Lisa romans Awori

This has been a tough one for the day.

4 things I’ve learnt on social media.

Day 6

Social media has been that one things I’ve loved and hated at the same time. As socially inclined creatures, human beings have embraced technology that connects us with others. Every year, there is an increasing number of people signing up for and using social media. The platforms are so many facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, Pinterest Whatsapp not to mention but a few.

I used social media for advertising for friends businesses, posting pictures, communicating, shopping, entertainment, reading, sharing work with friends, making friends, working, side businesses, listening to podcasts and being creative.

The following are the four lessons I’ve learnt from social media;

1. Social media is a great help in creativity. Whenever you need ideas on anything in this lifetime about fashion or decoration, business ideas, how a business operates or you’re torn between a rock and a hard place social media is always there to help with different platforms. The first time I moved out I had an imagination of how cozy I wanted my house to look the kind of chair, the Center table, the kitchen, the frames on the walls and the bedroom. All social media (Pinterest) am grateful for that. When I want to design my work too, it helps a lot.

When you want to start up a business. There so many people to contact on media with experience to guide you throughout the process.

2. So many people on social media don’t portray their real lives. Most people show how perfect their lives are, the clothes, the hair, the shoes, the restaurants , the flights, the relationships, I can go on and on with this one. My God!!!! Am blown sometimes. Cmon guys!!! I know it’s interesting trying to live, trust me I’ve been there scrolling through my phone and you see celebrities with so much and you want the same from the make up to the wings to the outfit but your financially struggling to keep up. Let’s be real to ourselves.

3. Social media grows a company and tears a company and even people at large. People advertise their businesses on media and truthfully they really boom, friends keep sharing, information gets to most people because we are ever scrolling. One can go to facebook and may be search for any company and there it will be and it’s easy to access. Then one mistake actually through a bad review or a complaint from a client can tear you down depending on how you respond to them. Further more on persons, social media can tear down a person by revealing all the unnecessary hidden truths about them. This is how we view people’s nudes being linked, sex videos and exchanged messages on WhatsApp or audios and someone’s image which was elevated by media is tearing the same person apart.

4. We can easily become slaves to social media. To be honest with you all these platforms take most of our time. You wake up and go to sleep scrolling up and down. Keeping up with people’s lives, we are always buried in our phones and forgot to connect with the outside world. Snapchat, TikTok, Whatsapp has become a platform where we show off our daily activities. Haha. And it’s so addictive that we need to keep keeping on. If your to be honest with yourself you’ve achieved nothing in the day rather than liking pics on the gram or catching up on a story around the country.

Social media is really good when used for things that build us or grow us in any way one wants to grow.